A Case of Penelope’s Freckles

Penelope came in with a case of freckles,
And her very best of spectacles.

The doctor looked her up and down,
And asked, “Why the long frown?”

She sighed, “Everyone makes fun of my spots.”

The doctor pondored, “But why care for such thoughts?”

“So I can fit in.”

The doctor lay puzzled then gave a grin.

“Hmmm, these spots are quite unusual. I can see why the others were so cruel. Let’s see what I can do.” Penelope stared back pale and blue.

So the doctor reached into his bag to only pull out a rag. “Now let’s see, a little dab here, there, with just a bit of flair. Ok now look at yourself,” as she looked to the mirror on top of the shelf. “The most ordinary I’ve ever seen. You come quite far from the in-between.”

Penelope’s freckles bounced from ear to ear. It was just what she needed to hear. Yes to be different was the best thing of all. So Penelope left that day, walking tall.

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