Finny in the Tub

When we first found Finn, he was being treated for Kennel cough. Little did we know that he was being treated for the wrong illness. We later found out that Finn was suffering from Valley Fever. It was no wonder he was so mellow when seeing him in the shelter. It was a rough time but we were willing to do whatever it took. Until one afternoon we found the little guy in the bath tub. Immediately we had thought, ‘awww how cute,’ and then realized the reason for him being there was to keep cool. Having the valley fever made him hot or feverish. Even times at the park, we had to avoid mid-day trips due to the heat. Every once in a while when we’d find him there and smile.
Over time, Finn began to grow stronger. He had to take less and less of the Fluconazole. Not to mention discovering he could bark! Finally, after many treatments, we were able to take him off the medicine once and for all. Now he is a ball of energy who loves playing fetch anytime of the day.

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