Garden Fairy

Sometimes when I’m not dabbling in paints, you can find me in the garden.

This spring has been the favorite time of year for me. Everything is blooming! Although I have been struggling with allergies, I still cannot help but be outside indulging in my garden. Fairy garden that is. The aroma of the star jasmine and honey suckle fill the air. The agave and succulents follow each other in patterns. Some herbs to keep handy in the kitchen. Just about anything you could ask for. As you can see, this therapeutic process can release thoughts or ideas to build. You see, gardening can take the same approach as painting. You plant something, tend to it, give it patience, and it will grow. Now let’s think of it in painting terms. You think of an idea, sketch it, paint in the details and all the time and effort blossoms into your best work.

The one thing I think is a must in art is to never rush an idea. It takes patience. Sometimes it takes me two weeks until I finally put the idea to paper. The more thought process, the better the outcome will be. Heres some starters if you’ll struggling with coming up with something.

1. What inspires you?

2. How can you bring that concept to life?

3. What sets you apart from other artists? (Unique)

4. Listen to Music (Thinking Process)

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