The Mumbo Jumbo

Every once and a while we all have to escape to that special place to avoid the inevitable mumbo jumbo. Because let’s face it, it’ll just drive us crazy. It’s a place where we remind ourselves to breathe easy and be good to ourselves. The stress and worries are miles away from our mind. So, do something for yourself! Be spontaneous, take a trip, go on a hike, walk in the rain, the only regret is that you won’t know until you try.

Dealing with Stress & Anxiety

It boils down to this:

1. Where do I want to be?

2. Who do I want to be/become?

3. Whats holding me back?

Things to do when under stress:

1. Take a bath (Incense recommended)

2. Go for a walk (Exercise)

3. Meditate/Yoga

4. Drink Herbal Tea (Peppermint is my fav!)
Good Energy Booster

5. Breathe!

Its always good to recenter one’s self to alleviate all the constant motions in our daily routine. Nobody is perfect. We are all on our own cycle of life, doing the best we can.

Stress can be the biggest distraction from doing the things you want to do. Don’t let it win.

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