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“The subconscious mind is in perpetual motion, weaving itself into the fragmented tapestry of dreams, until every thread seamlessly melds into the fabric of our consciousness.”

About the Gallery

Welcome to my creative space, where fairy tales and folklore are brought to life. Where there is no limit to your imagination. Where it’s okay to be a kid again and let your dreams run wild. While you’re here, make sure to check out my gallery to see some of my past mixed media creations or stop by my blog to see my works in progress. And if you ever have any questions, feedback, or just want to discuss art you can always reach me through my contact form. I hope you have a wonderful stay!





Creating Mixed-Media

Annalisa is a mixed media collage artist known for her whimsical creations. She skillfully employs acrylic pastes to craft distinctive textures and patterns, often bringing characters from fables and imaginary landscapes to life. Each of her pieces is meticulously crafted, becoming a unique work of art in its own right.


These enchanting works draw inspiration from timeless folktales that resonate deep within our hearts. Annalisa’s art captures the delicate balance between intricate detail and a fanciful spirit. These pieces evoke a rich tapestry of emotions, weaving an atmosphere of unbridled freedom.

Art, at its core, serves as a conduit for freedom and spiritual connection. Through the creative process, we translate our encounters, thoughts, feelings, and the ever-changing seasons of our emotions into visual narratives. These passions stir the artist to share their own tale. What do you envision? Enter a fresh realm, an untold story, something yet unexplored. Originality is the guiding force that breathes life into Annalisa’s illustrations, allowing them to spin their own narrative in the boundless world of imagination.


My inspiration is rooted in the captivating world of folklore and the wonders of nature. I’m irresistibly intrigued to the timeless stories and enduring mythological creatures that have traversed the ages. Immerging myself in extensive research, these tales set my imagination ablaze, igniting a rich tapestry of ideas for my artistic creations. The beauty and harmony of nature, an ever-present muse, constantly inspire me to capture its essence on canvas.

By melding the enchantment of folklore with the beauty of nature, my artwork seeks to evoke feelings of wonder, nostalgia, and a profound connection to the boundless dimension of human imagination.

New Resin Reproductions

Burros del Cielo

Burros Del Cielo is a charming tale of an angelic burro named Salvador who is sent from heaven to save a town from poverty and heal the hearts of a loving family. The story has an uplifting message about overcoming challenges and maintaining faith during difficult trials, and the Spanish dictionary in the book’s appendix will provide educational value for children of any age. All of the illustrations in the book are created by Annalisa Loevenguth in her mixed media style. Make sure to order your copy today!