Burros Del Cielo Now Available!

Burros Del Cielo is a charming tale of an angelic burro named Salvador who is sent from heaven to save a town from poverty and heal the hearts of a loving family. The story has an uplifting message about overcoming challenges and maintining faith during difficult trials, and the Spanish dictionary in the book’s appendix will provide educational value for children of any age. All of the illustrations in the book are created by Annalisa Loevenguth in her mixed-media style. Make sure to order your copy today!

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Creating in Mixed Media

I am a mixed media collage artist who utilizes paints and textures. Many of my pieces depict folklore characters and settings. I start my creations by color-coordinating the paint and textures so that everything falls into place naturally. I decoupage the canvas, then paint my subject on top. Acrylics have always been my medium of choice when it comes to painting. When the subject is fine-tuned, I add the finishing touches with ink or charcoal to give the piece depth and shape.

Why Paper?

I developed a fascination with texture during my early experiences with graphic design due to the depth its ability to add depth to a piece. With some experimenting, I eventually found my style in the uniqueness of mixing paper and acrylics. This combination creates the whimsical atmosphere that lends itself well to my folklore subjects, and allows the pieces to invent themselves through the process.

My Inspiration

Throughout the years I have always enjoyed illustrating forest creatures and folklore characters. It all began in college when I illustrated my first children’s book, What a Beautiful Night, a charming musical poem about the forest coming to life at night. It was through this experience that I discovered my passion for painting the forest and its creatures.

Years later I moved to Michigan and got to experience the forest firsthand. Everything I had painted, I now physically saw. My memories frequently take me back to my daily walks on Michigan trailheads. Some days it would be 5 miles out, 8 the next, either way my curiosity would drive me forward. At times, it felt like being on a different planet discovering new and uncharted territories. I enjoyed the feeling of freedom that surrounded me there. Now I depict that love for the forest through my artwork.