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Creating Characters

While studying character development and design during my college years, I had a profound revelation about the boundless potential for crafting characters with my distinctive ‘voice.’ Concurrently, I delved into the realm of folktale genres, drawing inspiration and insight from my own interpretation. It wasn’t merely the enchantment of these mythical beings that captivated me; it was also the process of their creation. Many of them emerged as amalgamations of various creatures, such as the Griffin, with its lion-like body, tail, and hind legs, combined with the head and wings of an eagle.

Once introduced to a new creature, I’d infuse my own creative essence into it, adding or subtracting attributes as per my vision. Ultimately, we each perceive things uniquely, shaped by our personal life experiences and the kaleidoscope of our own imaginative minds.

— Annalisa

Time Lapse

Make sure to take a peek into my iG for exclusive Live video feed and the latest works being created start to finish.


Pet Portraits

Making memories of pets has become more common than you think. A pet is a life-long friend who is always loyal and will love you unconditionally. Memories are meant to be shared!