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Pima Community College

Desert Series

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“I encourage you to take a peek into Pima’s art programs and learn from their delightful staff.” 

Annalisa is a proud Pima Community College Alumni of Graphic Design & Illustration (2013). It has been her pleasure to not only be an alumni but someone who also works alongside the college for scholastic events. The pieces you see before you were and still are college driven projects that have been used for banners, activity folders, e-cards, postcards, planners and much more.

Time Capsule Mosaic Piece

Credit@ Tom Casey PCC TV | Subscribe to PCC TV Live Stream

Building the Time Capsule Mosaic at Santa Theresa Tile Works in Downtown Tucson

Design & Illustration

Graduation Banners

Sun Chaser

The Sun Chaser Piece was put together with silk paper textures on a platinum gold finish. This piece currently hangs at PCC District Office and was recognized during the Emeritus awards.

In the Studio

A glimpse of some of the desert floral that was included in the 2019 graduation banners, programs and invitations.